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    Plan To Succeed

    Stephens Accountants has been helping local businesses in Pontefract, Castleford, Normanton, Knottingley, South Kirkby, and the surrounding areas with business planning for over 26 years.

    Fail to plan or plan to fail. With our business plan services, we will put together the solid foundation you need for success! Whether you must prepare a business plan to present to the bank to a potential investor or for purely internal use, doing it well is crucial. With our help, we will establish your foundations for a solid future. A business plan is an essential tool for successfully managing your business and is particularly relevant during economic uncertainty or downturns in the business cycle.

    If you are starting a business, then a business plan is the first thing you should consider to keep you on track during the critical first few months and years. Your plans should aim to give more than a snapshot of the future because circumstances, people and opportunities change. Sound business plans will help you understand and share the moving picture, an ever-evolving situation. Plans, therefore, need to be dynamic, regularly reviewed and updated, becoming an invaluable aid to good management. They prove to others that your business is well thought out and more likely to succeed.

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    The benefits of a good business plan

    By planning ahead many benefits will accrue. For example, you can:

    • Step back from the day-to-day working and consider the overall direction of your business, facilitating decisions regarding strategic goals and the route to success.
    • Make better-informed judgements having previously considered the impact of a particular cause of action on profitability for your business.
    • Ensure the decisions you make on behalf of your company drive you in the right direction.
    • Help you ensure that there are adequate resources and working capital to achieve your objectives and business goals.

    Additionally, a properly documented business plan should:

    • Provide the necessary vision and direction for you and all your stakeholders to share and, hence, focus on building your business.
    • Inspire confidence and belief in your business potential and direction.
    • Provide a document recognised by lenders and investors as a basis for financing decisions.
    • Enable key staff to participate in the long-term future of the organisation by setting out clear business objectives which help your staff define their own career paths.

    There is no definitive guide on the precise form and content of a successful business plan, but the rules below are valuable. Your plan should be:

    Simple: for the user to understand and for you to follow.

    Focused: on the business needs and where you want the business to go.

    Relevant: to the users’ interests and your personal goals.

    Accurate: be prepared to justify your analysis.

    Realistic: information must be believable.

    For further information on Business Plans for businesses in Pontefract, Castleford, Knottingley, Normanton, South Kirkby and surrounding areas, please contact us.

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